About Us

We created this page pretty much so we can have one organized place to update everyone on our cosplay, convention adventures, as well as our different creative projects. In the future, we’d like to expand our edevours and go different places and chronicle them and whatnot. Until then, any and all support from our friends is greatly appreciated ^_^.

MAKI: Maki had been cosplaying for over 6 years and going to conventions for longer. She is the costumer and craftswoman of the duo and creates many of the costumes and props that are worn by the two. She is responsible for the blogging coverage of the various events in which the two attend and tries to cover the events from the “cosplayer” perspective. In her free time she enjoys reading, crafting, watching anime and fighting with Loco over whether or not DC or Marvel is better (she’s Team Marvel).

LOCO: Loco has been going to conventions since 2005 and has been cosplaying for 4 years. He has studied photography and videography and uses what he knows to provide the page with beautiful images to go along with the written experiences. He is often running around grabbing cosplayers and convention attendees for interviews and silly videos. He enjoys reading comics, playing video games and music.


Project Kalediscope Cosplayer Weekly

League of Hot Geeks Geek of the Week

Comics Alliance Best Cosplay Ever (This Week)


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