Cosplay Mondays 12: Lily Stitches

Happy New Years Eve friends, Maki here!   We’re hoping that everyone is having a great evening so far and are gearing up to have some fun.  When we started this project earlier in the year, we didn’t know it would be at the place it is now, and for that we have you guys to thank.  THANK YOUUU!!!  To help get your New Years started off right, we have yet another fabulous cosplayer to introduce!

I first met Lily Stitches about two years ago while she was performing with Cosplay Burlesque.  Much to my surprise and delight, she was one of the sweetest, bubbliest and most down to earth girls I’d ever met.  As she continued evolving, I became a fan of not only her sultry, whimsicle burlesque routines, but her costumes and spirit as well.  She is one of the reasons I became interested in and eventually started doing burlesque.  She is co-founder of Ink & Paint Burlesque Club, one hell of an artist with an infectiously charming smile, it is my absolute pleasure to feature Ms. Lily Stitches!


1) Describe yourself in 3 words

Creepy, Silly, Fun

2) Who/what inspires your hobby/craft?

This question took me seriously about 20 minutes to type. A lot of time, whenever I’m trying to come up with an act or cosplay, it’s usually me and my friend Mr. Khon or Luna Chase bsing and joking around, then me going “YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE AWESOME/FUNNY?” Also Bette Midler. Look her up, I would kill to see her live. Especially her performance of Bugle Boy with all of the mermaids. She is sassy and amazing!

3) Where does your cosplay name/alias originate from?

When I started performing burlesque, I needed a stage name. I had two days until my first show with the White Elephant Burlesque Society and I still had no name. I was sitting in my bedroom, in a somewhat state of panic. I didn’t know how to pick a name. So I sat there for awhile, and thought “well, I do like lilies. They’re my favorite flower!” so I had a first name. Then I glanced around my bedroom and saw my ridiculous collection of Nightmare Before Christmas figures and landed on Sally. Also zombies have always been an obsession of mine. So Lily Stitches was born.


4) How long have you cosplayed/gone to conventions?

I have been cosplaying since I was 17, but went to my first convention in 2007 when I was 19. It was a pretty awesome experience.

5) What was your most memorable cosplay experience? 

There are two really awesome moments of my life as a burlesque performer and cosplayer. When I debuted my act as Codex to Felicia Day’s “Date My Avatar” I tweeted a picture of myself in the costume to her and she thought it was really awesome. Then when Luna Chase and I did our act as Roxy Richter and Ramona Flowers, Edgar Wright saw it and retweeted it. Our act showed up EVERYWHERE.


6) For those new to burlesque, tell us a bit about the art?

Burlesque is the art of the tease. It’s about the costume, and the dance. Its about the journey to the big reveal through the song.

7) How do you prepare for character performances?

I listen to my music a whole lot before I have a show, usually on the car ride there. And I watch videos of the character a whole lot when applicable.

8) Do you have any advice to up and coming cosplayers/performers?

Have fun! If you’re not having fun, then why do it?

You can catch up with Lily and all of her performances and appearances at her fanpage!


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