Cosplay Mondays 11: Studio Eingana

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  Maki here with a nother Cosplay Mondays!  I hope everyone is enjoying their time off whether it be celebrating the eve of Christmas with family, family or just kicking it by yourself.  Today we bring you Studio Eingana.  Talented, beautiful and very outspoken, her charm is her calm, collected wit, and of course, her amazing cosplays. She is a fellow member of  The Ghibli Girls and also the official Head of Cosplay for upcoming film Journey of the Seeds.  Peak into the work of Studio Eingana!


1) Describe yourself in 3 words

Artistic – Goofball – Adventurous


2) Who/what inspires your hobby/craft?

I have always loved to dress up since I was a little girl.  When I got introduced to Anime Conventions in 2007, I really was blown away with the quality of the costumes.  It definitely was no Halloween Party.  I decided in 2009 that I would try my hand on sewing my own Cosplay, with the help of my Mother’s advice, I was able to make my very first Cosplay, Chii from Chobits.  Now, Cosplaying has become an addiction.




3) How long have you cosplayed/gone to conventions?

I have been going to conventions since 2007 but started to cosplay in 2009.



4) What was your most memorable cosplay experience? 

Anime USA 2010 is where I experienced my first real con where people asked for photos and I made such amazing people!  I will never forget standing in line for an autograph from Chris Sabat and meeting some of the greatest people that I am still friends with today.  Also, having Chris Sabat hugging me and saying I was the “cutest Cosplayer he’d ever seen,” was a HUGE plus!




5) Where does your cosplay name/alias originate from?

When I was in High School, I rented a book about Dragons and read about Eingana.


In Australian Aboriginal mythology, Eingana is a creator goddess and the mother of all water, animals, and humans. She is a snake goddess of death who lives in the Dreamtime.  Dreamtime is a sacred era in which ancestral totemic spirit beings created the world.


Since being an artist is all about creating, I thought Eingana was a great name for my Art Website!  After I started to Cosplay, I decided to keep Eingana in the name.





6) Do you have any advice to up and coming cosplayers?  

Have Fun!  When Cosplay first started, it was all about dressing up as your favorite characters and meeting new people at conventions.  Nowadays, Cosplay has become a whole new monster.  Don’t fall into the stereotype that you have to be a size 4 to be a good Cosplayer or that you have to “Make” your own Cosplay to be considered a serious Cosplayer.  Just enjoy yourself and ignore the haters. 



7) Tell us one extremely interesting thing about you!

I am now the “Head of Cosplay” for the movie production “Journey of the Seeds”

Facebook Page:



8) Do you have anything special that you do to get ready for cosplaying?

I inspire myself by taping photos around my workroom of amazing Cosplayers!  I believe that when you absorb yourself with the people that you admire, it helps to inspire you to be the best that you can!




Follow up on Studio Eingana on her fanpage.

Check out her photography at Elizabeth Gmaz Photography!


Photo Credits (top to bottom): Soulfire Photography, Coolsteel27, and Bentpic5.


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