Anime USA 2011 [Review]

Hey there! Maki here with my Anime USA review and photo showcase.  This is my sixth year going to AUSA, and my second year going as press.  Each convention, I find myself becoming more and more busy, yet finding myself completely immersed in everything the con has to offer.  I could get used to this press thing.  Anyways, as always my reviews are broken up into each day.  Well, let us get started ^_^


We arrived at the hotel around 7:00 PM, put our stuff into the hotel room and headed right back out to the LMFAO concert (AMAZING).  After we got back, we settled in and got a bit of rest before the weekend officially kicked off 🙂


Kicked off Friday shooting with the lovely Sonja for my Kanu with my wife, lady Jackal as my Sonsaku.  Afterwards, Luis and I walked around getting pictures before heading off to the Rave Fashion Show/Contest.  There were so many amazing costumes on display, with a dance show at the beginning and a special appearance from DJ SiSen himself as a judge!  Although there were a few technical difficulties, the show ran very smoothly for being a first time thing.  During intermission, they did a raffle in which Luis won a $30 gift card to a rave store and I won single ended dreads.

Luis and I briefly switched into our Finn and Fionna costumes and walked around taking more pictures.  While I prepped for my panel, Lu went and photographed the BLOOD concert.

When the time came for my panel, I was admittedly nervous.  It was only my second time running a panel and my first time running it at a larger scale convention.  Luckily, I had my lovely partner in crime Jackal there to help :).  The panel ended up running very smoothly and we ended up with much more people coming than we anticipated!

After a job well done, it was time for me to retire to sleep, for only 3 hours @_@


Woke up bright and early for another shoot with Sonja; this time wearing Jade for the very first time.  I was pretty excited and nervous about the reception that the costume would get as it was the one I worked hardest on.  I was able to find a few Mortal Kombat cosplayers to pose with, as well as others.

Later on in the day, Luis and I had the opportunity to sit in on the press junket for Wendee Lee, who is an absolutely phenomenal woman and voice actress.  She discussed her favorite roles as well as the dynamics in the different roles that she played.  She also went into detail about her disdain for certain aspects of the media and her line of work.  Very very interesting stuff.  We have snippets of the meeting to be posted in our Vlog 🙂

Afterwards, we settled for a bit before Luis hit up the DDR competition.  Although he didn’t win, he was able to get some pretty good shots of the competition (shout out to NGA for the awesome gaming room!).

We changed into our Harley and Joker and cruised around the hotel while waiting for Cosplay Burlesque to start.  Once there, we were a bit overwhelmed by the amount of guy performances vs. females.  Didn’t bother me much; Luis on the other hand…xD.  After the show, we walked around hoping to grab some night owl cosplays before calling it a night.


Sunday was the usual scramble to get everything out before checkout.  When we finally got that done, Lu and I headed to shoot with Sonja in our Vincent/Katherine costumes.  Let me just say that Luis is absolutely PERFECT for Vincent.  Before leaving the convention, we snapped a few shots of the remaining cosplayers.  Convention well done.


As always, I had a great time at Anime USA.  This is definitely a con that you can relax at and meet new people.  I found little to no problems with staff and security, and found that for the most part, things ran very efficiently.  Knowing that the con is moving next year is also a comfort, since I found it to be getting more crowded each year with less and less space for cosplayers to meet up and get shots.  There were some amazing new events that I’d like to see continue, such as the Rave Fashion Show/Contest.  I’d definitely go again, as this still remains my favorite con.

Favorite Costumes

Some of our favorite costumes for the weekend 🙂


First and foremost, we thank Cynthia of MusicBox for allowing us this amazing opportunity to listen in and see events and things that no one else had access to.  Truly an amazing experience.  Also, thank you to EVERYONE who posed for us for pictures.  Our roommates for putting up with us, Sonja, CoolSteel27 and everyone who shot with us.  Also the new and old friends we got to hang out with and meet.  All of you made this an amazing and memorable experience!  Until next time~



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